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Left: John and Courtney Love; Right: Sarah and Gordon and Sheila Fain


You don’t have to look far at the farmers market to see that love is in the air! Behind many of your favorite farms and market products is a hardworking couple. Two great examples of where FRESHFARM love and business mingle are Love Dove Farms and Gordy?s Pickle Jar.

John Dove was smitten with wife Courtney’s work ethic from the very beginning. They have grown together since founding Love Dove Farms in 2010, where they farm 10 acres of organic vegetables. Fun fact: their wedding reception was held in a high tunnel on the farm! Find pictures of the high tunnel and their amazing wedding on their blog. They are looking forward to many great years of farming together. You can find them at our Downtown Silver Spring Market starting in one MONTH!

Sarah Gordon and her partner, Sheila Fain, have been an inseparable pair since 2007. It was 2011 when they dreamed up a plan to start a food business here in the District and Gordy’s Pickle Jar was born. For a fun read, find out what these ladies and James, their loving pooch, keep in the fridge. Say hi to the Gordy?s team at our Downtown Silver Spring and Dupont Circle Markets and congratulate them on their recent engagement!

Love Stories in their own Words?

Love Dove Farms
“Courtney and I started dating in August of 2009. We founded Love Dove Farms together in the summer of 2010. 2011 was our first year farming, we only farmed 1 acre of vegetables, after 5 years, we are now up to 10 acres. We are farming my Grandmother’s farm, which has additional room to expand if we decide to do so.

I met Courtney through a college friend of mine, who was dating her sister. (They are married now) He told her about me and she was up for meeting me. We started dating and one of the greatest things about her was her work ethic. I still remember needing to load hay from out in the field and how she insisted on helping. She threw those hay bales with all of her strength. When we came back to the barn, she climbed up into the mow and stacked the hay without complaining once. I knew right than that I had found an absolutely amazing woman.

We got engaged in October 2014, and got married on the farm on October 24th, 2015. We may even considering hosting weddings in the future, or maybe a harvest dinner for our customers.

We have really grown together over the years, and we look forward to farming for years to come.”

John Dove
Love Dove Farms

Gordy?s Pickle Jar
“We’re an inseparable team, and have been since we met in 2007. We love working together so much that we recently got engaged!

Gordy?s started 5 years after we met, at the end of 2011. At the time I was living in San Francisco and Sheila was still living in DC. We both had a similar passion for food and wanted to work together, so we started daydreaming. I moved back to DC because we knew it would be a great place to start Gordy?s. There was an appetite for our product
and, at the time, only a handful of companies were manufacturing food products.

Running a small business with your significant other isn’t always easy but we seem to balance each other the same way strive to create the perfect balance with every jar.”

Sarah Gordon
Gordy’s Pickle Jar

FRESHFARM Markets is a non-profit organization whose mission is to
build and strengthen the local, sustainable food movement in the
Chesapeake Bay watershed. We do this by operating producer-only
farmers markets that provide vital economic opportunities for
local farmers and artisanal producers, and through innovative
outreach programs that educate the public about food and related
environmental issues. Find out more.

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